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CRDN of Virginia ranked the Top Textile Restoration Provider in the USA, and ranked third overall out of 2,500 contractors.

Crawford Contractor Connection (CCC) is the contractor managed repair division of Crawford & Company. Crawford & Company is the world's largest independent provider of diversified services to insurance companies, self-insured, corporations, and government entities. Each year, CCC recognizes the top 100 contractors in the USA. CRDN of Virginia not only cracked the Top 10, but ranked 3rd out of all the 2,500 contractors rated, and 1st for textile restoration providers. This is especially gratifying because the rankings are based on extensive surveys completed by actual customers. Contractors were rated on time in process scores (TIPS), process overall measured scores (POMS), and overall quality of service and professionalism.

The Shining Star Award for Customer Service

CRDN of Virginia is nationally recognized as a leader in customer service in the textile restoration field, receiving the Shining Star award, the Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network's highest honor. CRDN of Virginia's quick response times to customers' needs and their ability to restore over 95% of the items they take in were the major factors in receiving this award.

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Recycler Of The Year

CRDN of Virginia/Puritan Cleaners recently received the award of Recycler Of The Year from the Virginia Recycling Association. Our customers help us to recycle over 70,000 hangers per month. We offer free hanger caddies at all of our locations. Recycling hangers saves needed land fill space and keeps our environment cleaner.

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