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Case Study - House Fire in Lakeside

An overnight electrical storm caused a residential fire in the Lakeside area of Richmond. The roof and much of the interior needed to be rebuilt, and repairs were estimated to take at least three months.

CRDN of Virginia received a call from Servpro at 1:00pm the next afternoon. We had a crew of three onsite by 2:15pm. By 5:15pm we had packed up almost 700 inventoried pieces, plus 500 lbs. of bulk laundry. Much of the order was wet. A written estimate for the job was faxed to the insurance adjuster by 6:30 that same evening.

The next afternoon, a RUSH order of essential items was delivered to the homeowners. The balance of the order was cleaned/restored and put into storage until the homeowners were ready to receive them.

Replacement Cost: $55,000 - $60,000
Restoration Cost: $9,300 - a savings of over $40,000

Case Study - The Shrinking Leather Coat

If an item does not restore, there should be no charge. CRDN of Virginia's expertise produces over 95% rate of successful restoration of all items that we take in. This results in a large reduction of total losses for the carrier.

A recent example is a homeowner who had a water pipe burst. An expensive leather coat was soaked, and the back panel shrunk significantly. CRDN of Virginia contacted the coat manufacturer and learned the exact panel specifications, which enabled us to block (steam) the leather back to it's original dimensions.

Replacement Cost of the coat: $1,400
Restoration Cost: $90 - a savings of over $1,300 on one item.

Case Study - If they would only call us first...

As a homeowner tried to recover from a house fire, both he and insurance adjuster were originally advised that 330 textile items that suffered smoke and/or water damage could not be restored.

CRDN of Virginia was called in to see what we could do with the 330 articles. We successfully restored 268 of the items, and that number could have been much higher had we had a chance to be the first responder.

Replacement Cost: Well into five figures.
Restoration Cost: $2,500 - a savings of over $10,000.

Case Study - Better expertise means lower claim costs

Full time professionals can produce exceptional cleaning results. In July 2007, following one of our presentations, we were invited by the Claims Manager of a well known local carrier to help a family member with some textile issues. She had suffered a fire, and the textile cleaner appointed by her carrier had been unable to clean a significant number of items. They were written off by the adjuster. They included a number of treasured heirloom pieces. There were 27 items in all.

CRDN of Virginia was able to restore them all to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner. She was insured by one of the largest carriers in VA. We are now seeing significantly increased work flow from both carriers.

This illustrates the value of our unique technical skills.

Case Study - Big quantity, little time.

A competent textile restorer will have the capacity and skill to clean large volumes of textiles at short notice. This is crucially important if items are wet and can have particular significance in commercial cases. Depending upon the level of soil, volume “Rush” deliveries should be consistently possible within 24-72 hours to virtually eliminate emergency textile purchases.

A dry cleaning store was fire bombed on the Saturday of a public holiday weekend, resulting in business interruption and a heavy smoke volume textile claim. The clientele included Military personnel with many items required for a function the following Thursday. The plant closed Monday. 1614 pieces that were needed immediately were delivered on Thursday. Our restoration rate was over 98%.

Saving: $80,000 + Interruption

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