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The first contact between CRDN of Virginia and the homeowner is an immediate phone call - a speedy, empathetic and professional response. We express our natural concern in a friendly and compassionate manner, explain how the service process works and we set up a time for our First Responder to visit the loss site.

First Responders Tyrone Jordan and Jose A'costa
First Responders John Austin and Chauncey Walker

During the initial phone conversation, we emphasize the need, in advance of our arrival, to identify a generous quantity of rush items for immediate service and to screen out unwanted items which require no service. We check if power is available on site. We confirm delivery arrangements for the rush items.

The First Responder then visits with the homeowner. The job of the CRDN of VA First Responder is to meet with the homeowner to explain the CRDN textile restoration process in more detail, set their mind at ease, and scope the loss.

We answer questions as they arise.

This creates a professional impression. We gather information for the adjuster and update our job file with information which will later be entered into our online Contact Log.


  • Follow through on the promised window of time for pickup.
  • Call the homeowner en route and give them an estimated time of arrival.
  • Review the job file ahead of time.  The job file is the roadmap of the claims process.
  • Take account of any special circumstances on the job such as coverage limits, specific direction from the adjuster on what to take or not to take, and details about the loss itself.

Our primary responsibility is developing a good relationship with the homeowner and establishing trust with the homeowner from the beginning.


  • Arrive onsite in a vehicle that is clean and well-marked with identifying CRDN logo. 
  • Wear matching uniforms and a nametag.
  • Walk through the house with the homeowner.
  • Check the need for rush service
  • Check that screening of unwanted items has taken place
  • Explain our range of services
  • Explain our room-by room inventory service


  • Confirm how the fire started
  • Confirm the insurance adjuster on the job
  • Confirm the contractor or contents company on the job
  • Confirm the temporary address for delivery of rush items
  • Confirm all contact information
  • Find out if there are any special cleaning needs (For example - allergies)
  • Determine if the homeowner has removed all valuables and firearms from the house.


  • Complete the pick up in a timely manner.
  • Count all bags by category of item.
  • Weigh the bulk laundry items
  • Prepare the estimate for the adjuster on the return journey
  • Pass precise service instructions and deadlines to the Customer Relationship Coordinator
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