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Specimen Protocol




CRDN of Virginia's process for comprehensive textile management services:

On-site Inventory

Complete room-by-room inventory
Thorough process
Digital photographs
Pre-existing conditions noted
Standardized, consistent forms
Work Authorization
On-site Inventory
Leather and Fur Form
Satisfaction Slip
Non-salvageable List
Special handling procedures for high value items
Sentimental / heirloom pieces

Creating an Audit Trail

Work authorization and on-site inventory signed by homeowner
Verification of what is removed from site
Comparison with printed invoice ensures exact match of unit counts, brand and pricing
Non-restorable / Non-salvageable inventory
Detailed list with reason for rejection provided to homeowner and insurance adjuster / contractor
Non-salvageable list also includes manufacturer name, garment fabric content and size
Leather and fur control sheet
Additional layer of verification
Identifies bigger ticket items

Inventory Control

Every order is individually entered into the system and tracked electronically
Electronic scanning to stored location
Secure facilities
Computer-generated delivery report insures complete order accuracy
Homeowner signature confirmation
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