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Assignment of Claims by Insurance Company:

Adjusters will forward the following loss information to CRDN of Virginia by calling 804-355-8092 or via website www.crdnofva.com.

Loss Information

Insured's name and contact information
Loss address
Adjuster name and contact information
Claim number
Brief description of the loss
Special instructions or requests
Any coverage concerns/limitations relating to the insured parties/property

CRDN of Virginia Performance Requirements

Within 30 minutes of first notification, CRDN will contact the insured to set an appointment to pick up the affected textiles
Within 24 hours CRDN will be on-site, unless otherwise directed by the homeowner or adjuster
During or immediately after pick up, if unable to meet the adjuster on site, CRDN will call/email the adjuster to advise the scope of the loss
On all claims, CRDN of Virginia will:
  Obtain a signed "Work Authorization & Direction of Payment" and fax it to the adjuster
  Perform an on-site, room by room inventory and fax it to the adjuster on request
  Take digital photos. These will be available to adjusters on request
  Identify with the insured all UNWANTED textiles to be excluded from the claim
  Secure and remove damaged textiles
  Agree RUSH textile needs with the insured
  Deliver RUSH items back to the insured’s chosen address within 24 - 48 hours. Time frames may depend upon the severity of contamination
  Provide the adjuster and the insured with a detailed written inventory of all total non-salvageable textiles
  Waive cleaning charges for items which we are unable to restore
  Provide secure storage until premises are ready for re-occupation
Within 30 minutes of first notification, CRDN will contact the insured to set an appointment to pick up the affected textiles
Before the end of the business day of pick up, CRDN will telephone or fax an indication of approximate textile restoration costs to the adjuster
Within four (4) business days of picking up the textiles, CRDN will provide the adjuster with a detailed faxed invoice and manifest
At all times, CRDN will document and report any unusual circumstances or situations to the adjuster and request further instructions
At all times, CRDN personnel will maintain professional standards:  Employees will be uniformed and carry an ID
At all times, CRDN vehicles will be clean and clearly identifiable
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